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Georgetown Volkswagen 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive

Drive it to experience it


Are you looking for a reliable all-wheel drive vehicle? Do you currently own or have owned an off road, 4x4 or 4 wheel drive car or SUV? Do you own or are looking fto buy, lease or finance a Subaru Outback, Forester or Crosstrek? Then look no further! Volkswagen has 6 models that have the all-wheel drive solution that you have been looking for: The Volkswagen 4MOTION. You have to test drive the 4MOTION to see and feel the difference. You will be pleased by the performance and handling of our all-wheel drive vehicles.






As our road conditions continue to change, we need a vehicle equipped to handle our drastic weather changes. Volkswagen's 4MOTION all-wheel drive system drives power directly to the wheels that need it most resulting in better grip and smoother handling. You can enjoy your drive and say goodbye to slipping on the road.



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With six all-wheel drive Volkswagen models to choose from at Georgetown Volkswagen including the Volkswagen Golf R, SportWagen, Golf Alltrack, CC, Touareg and Tiguan, 4MOTION knows exactly when to punch up the power on your ride and when to ease up on each wheel. This means you get reliable traction and a more stable ride, no matter what kind of surface your Volkswagen is driving on.





Are you considering a Subaru all-wheel drive vehicle to purchase, lease or finance? Take one of our Volkswagen 4MOTION's for a test drive so you can experience for yourself the superior grip and smoother handling.


If you are considering the Subaru Crosstrek, then take the Golf SportWagen 4MOTION for a test drive. How about the Subaru WRX? Then try out our Volkswagen Golf R 4MOTION. The Volkswagen SportWagen 4MOTION is the one to test drive if you are in the market for a Subaru Forester. And for the Subaru Outback, test drive the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 4MOTION before making your final decision. You'll be pleasantly surprised with your test drive experience.







Studio photo of 2016 Golf AllTrack

studio photo of Volkswagen Golf R 4MOTION from Georgetown VW

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack


Volkswagen Golf R
Prepared for Every Adventure A Golf Like No OtheR 
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Check out Georgetown Volkswagen's 4MOTION New Vehicle Specials in OntarioCheck out Georgetown Volkswagen's 4MOTION New Vehicle Specials in Ontario

 Studio photo of Volkswagen Tiguan 4MOTION

 studio photo of the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon 4MOTION

 Volkswagen Tiguan


Volkswagen Golf SportWagen
The Driver's Utility Vehicle Perfect Balance of Finesse and Utility 
Test drive a Volkswagen 4MOTION Tiguan from Georgetown VWstudio photo of the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon 4MOTION from Georgetown Volkswagen
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studio photo of the Volkswagen CC 4MOTION from Georgetown VolkswagenStudio photo of the Volkswagen Touareg 4MOTION from Georgetown Volkswagen
Volkswagen CC

Volkswagen Touareg

Unforgettable Elegance Unforgettable Refinement 
Test drive a Volkswagen 4MOTION CC from Georgetown VW

Test drive a Volkswagen 4MOTION Touareg from Georgetown VW

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Golf Alltrack

Smooth driving on rough roads.



The winner of the AJAC award for Best New Large Car, the 2017 Golf Alltrack has impressive cargo space, sporty performance and extra ground clearance with an 'Off Road' driving mode that optimizes traction on uneven surfaces. A perfect blend of versatility and drivability.


Golf R

Exhilaration at every turn.



Sporting an exhilarating 292 HP 2.0 TSI engine and 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive that'll get your inner driver raring to go, the Golf R is the closest you can get to a race car in a hatchback for a surprisingly affordable price.






4MOTION is an all-wheel drive system from Volkswagen. 4MOTION gives you great grip on the road, come rain, wind or snow. However treacherous the road surface, you get a sure-footed car with huge levels of traction.


Volkswagen has been producing all-wheel drive vehicles since the 1970's, from the Dakar Rally winning Volkswagen Iltis to a multitude of Syncro passenger car and commercial vehicle models of the eighties and nineties. The Volkswagen all-wheel drive system was renamed 4MOTION in the late 80's and the range of offers 4MOTION models is continuing to grow to this day.



Our all-wheel drive systems work hard to keep you safe, linking with other active safety systems on your Volkswagen to constantly monitor driving conditions. It reacts to even the slightest wheel slip and automatically sends the right amount of power to the wheels with the most grip. The second it detects a problem; 4MOTION delivers extra traction where it's needed.


As a driver you get reassuring stability and optimum control. 4MOTION gives you the confidence that your Volkswagen can safely tackle the roughest roads and the worst weather conditions. This all-wheel drive system lets you relax and enjoy your drive, knowing that 4MOTION is always on the alert to keep you safe and help you out of tricky situations. 4MOTION drives safely on snow, ice, slippery roads, and muddy tracks. It will help you get out of places where a normal car would be stuck.


Many drivers believe that all-wheel drive is only necessary in extreme driving situations. And honestly, when was the last time you had to scale an icy slope in a snowstorm or drive through deep mud? But 4MOTION is not just a lifesaver in moments of automotive distress. Permanent all-wheel drive from Volkswagen makes everyday driving safer and more comfortable for everyone. It's there whenever the going gets rough, such as when it rains or if the road is slippery or icy.


Volkswagen Golf and Golf R 4MOTION at Georgetown Volkswagen in Ontario


Where and how longitudinal and lateral forces are at work in the front, rear and all-wheel drive, and what consequences that can have in extreme situations, is best illustrated by fast cornering. The result: the faster the forces can be balanced between the wheels, the better the car handles on the road. That requires clear directions for the propulsive forces. In 4MOTION drive, the Haldex coupling is the key to grip. This is an electronically controlled multiple-plate coupling that variably distributes the drive force between the front and rear axles – always to the axle with the best traction. A control unit handles the continuous adjustment and takes account of the slip, drive torques and information about driving dynamics (road speed, cornering, overrun or acceleration mode). And if appropriate, nearly 100 percent of the drive torque can be directed to the rear axle.


The fifth generation of the Haldex coupling was introduced in 2012. Volkswagen has included it in the Golf 7 models with 4MOTION. Normally, Haldex couplings only react when the revolution numbers for the two axles are different, then ensuring a power transmission. In the current models, the electronics system recognises that the clutch has to close before traction is lost – such as when setting off, which all but eliminates the possibility of traction loss. In tight corners, the system independently avoids strain in the drivetrain by reducing torque, while in the case of a rapid burst of acceleration, the clutch torque is increased in split seconds.


Parallel to the Haldex coupling functioning as an inter-axle differential lock, the electronic differential locks (EDL) integrated in the electronic stabilisation program perform the function of inter-wheel differential locks. They ensure that the drive force when a wheel is spinning is directed to the opposite side within a fraction of a second. Moreover, the front and rear axles are equipped with the additional function XDS, which brakes the inner wheels during fast cornering and thus optimises steering behaviour.


4MOTION for the Touareg is a full-time all-wheel drive system requiring no driver input. The Touareg's 4MOTION uses mechanical torque-sensing (Torsen) center differential to direct power to the axle with most traction. By default, the Touareg's torque split is set at 40% to the front axle and 60% to the rear axle, but the 4MOTION can send up to 60% to the front axle and up to 80% to the rear axle in low-traction conditions.


Test drive a Volkswagen 4MOTION from Georgetown VW Contact Sales at Georgetown Volkswagen, your 4MOTION destination!



 Volkswagen Touareg at Georgetown Volkswagen in Ontario


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