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At Georgetown Volkswagen in Ontario, we know that our customers demand the higest quality parts and accessories which is why we provide Volkswagen Original Parts. These Volkswagen Original Parts are perfectly matched to your Volkswagen vehicle because they were designed at exactly the same time as your car was. 
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We respond to our parts calls within an hour: 1-866-877-5285! Our Highly trained personnel are always here to ensure that you get the right parts or accessories, when you need them! 


Our specialized and expert Georgetown Volkswagen Parts team are well versed in Volkswagen Original Parts, Accessories and Volkswagen Brand because of the many hours and years of experience they all have.  We focus on:

  • Parts updates
  • Common issues
  • Part matching verification
  • Parts consultations


Over the years, we have helped so many customers with service and parts questions that we see trends in what you need. Check out our Fequently Asked Questions section which may be able to help you. If your questions isn't there, please contact by phone or email and we'll be more than happy to assist with your Volkswagen Parts questions.

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Are you the type of person who like to fix your car yourself?


We can help you with find the correct part for your do it yourself job. We'll also give you tips on which tools work best to properly remove and install your Volkswagen Original Part so that you do it right the first time. 


Regular maintenance keeps your car on the road longer so you can enjoy your Volkswagen for many years. We can help guide you with a maintenance schedule so you know when is the optimal time to do your next oil change, brake pad replacement, or tire rotation.


Is your Volkswagen in need of some much needed attention? Are you are having trouble trying to figure out what to fix first? Our highly skilled team can also help you work out the order of repairs to reduce damage and wear on the other parts of your engine.

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 No charge delivery!


At Georgetown Volkswagen, we own our a part delivery van with a full time driver that delivers parts all around southern Ontario withing 50 km of our dealership free of charge!

Whether you are a body shop or an independent repair shop, give us a call or send us a request about what you need and we can get it out to ~ you sometimes within the same day! We help many local businesses get the parts they need quickly so that they can get you back on the road because we care about them as much as we care about you.