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At Georgetown Volkswagen, our goal is for you not worry about your car when it is on the road.


WHEEL ALIGNMENT: $129 which includes a No Cost Quick Check.


When you come in for any service, we do a No Cost Quick Check - which is a summary that includes a detailed report about your wheel alignment. We do this with every appointment as a courtesy at no charge to you because we understand your busy schedule requires your car to be running perfectly. Contact our service department to set up your service appointment today!


Wheel alignments keep the wear on your tires even as well as prolong the life of your tires. Many things will cause your wheels to become unaligned: pot holes, gravel roads and worn suspension are a few examples.


Top 5 reasons to get a wheel alignment:

1. Your car drifting or tracking to one side.

2. You feel that the steering wheel is off center or is vibrating when driving.

3. You have hit a deep pot hole or bumped hard into a curb.

4. You drive on a lot of gravel or back roads.

5. The suspension on your car is worn.


If you are also looking for new tires, we have a wide selection and a great promotion. Contact our service department to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. They'll help you purchase the right tires for your car to get you on the road fast!