How can you get the most range out of your electric vehicle this winter?

If you are looking to improve the range of your electric vehicle this winter, know that there are a few tips that have proven their effectiveness over time.

It’s a known fact that winter affects an electric vehicle’s range. In the same way winter affects a traditional combustion engine vehicle’s fuel consumption, winter also affects your EV’s battery which needs to work double duty to power the motor AND warm the interior. The key to improving and preserving range in your electric vehicle is using your vehicle’s functions effectively, keeping your vehicle warm when parked, and keeping an eye on your tires.

The new Volkswagen ID.4 has a range of features that allow it to stay warm before you jump in, as well as a battery warmer that ensures that your ID.4 operates as efficiently as possible.

Keep your vehicle warm efficiently

Warming the cabin when it is freezing is one of the largest strains you can put on your battery. That said, if you can keep your EV warm when it is parked, you will get a lot more range out of it. A few ways you can do this:

  • Park your EV in a garage
  • Use your vehicle’s app to pre-warm the cabin
  • Use heated seats and heated steering wheel while keeping heat low
  • Heat only where needed – don’t heat the passenger side if you are alone

These small tips will make sure that you are comfortable inside your vehicle, and that it stays warm and ready to go without putting undo stress on your battery.

Keep an eye on your battery and your tires

You want to keep an eye on your battery and make sure that it doesn’t drop below 50% charge. It won’t affect your vehicle’s reliability or performance, but if you can keep it above half so that your battery operates as efficiently as possible.

Your tires are also an important consideration. They must be properly inflated in order to ensure the best possible performance. Moreover, use your vehicle’s most efficient driving mode in order to ensure optimal efficiency for the battery. This mode also helps you drive in snow and ice.

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