Say hello to the all-new Volkswagen ID. Buzz

all-new Volkswagen ID. Buzz

The all-new Volkswagen ID. Buzz introduced to the market yesterday is one of the most exciting if not the most exciting electric vehicle to arrive in recent memory. It is the modern take on the legendary Volkswagen EuroVan and microbus, but with a fully electric engine.

The iconic design of the Volkswagen EuroVan has certainly been preserved in this new modern generation, but the overall style is sleeker and more refined. Nevertheless, for anyone who was around in the 60s or 70s, or who has fond memories of the Volkswagen EuroVan this new electrified version is very exciting.

Better yet, it is expected to come to North America, and we should see it on our roads by 2024. It will join the Volkswagen ID.4 as well as a range of other electric vehicles expected from Volkswagen in the near future.

We don't have all of the details about the new Volkswagen ID. Buzz, but we do know it will be built on the Volkswagen MEB electric vehicle platform. That means that it should share many components with electric vehicles that we have seen before from the Volkswagen group. We expect the new ID. Buzz to have an 82-kWh battery providing over 500 km of range. All-wheel drive will be available in the new Volkswagen ID. Buzz will be offered in two row and three row configurations. It will be very spacious, offering over 1,100 litres of total cargo space.

The new 2023 Volkswagen ID. Buzz is essentially the first fully electric minivan, but we think you will agree it puts the cool back in the minivan segment.

As for performance, 2023 Volkswagen ID. Buzz should offer 201 hp along with 229 pound-feet of torque. Stay tuned for more information about the all-new Volkswagen ID. Buzz, as well as other new and exciting Volkswagen electric vehicles coming to the market soon.