The Technologies that Make Volkswagen Vehicles Safer

The Technologies that Make Volkswagen Vehicles Safer

Volkswagen makes some of the safest cars on sale in Canada due to a large number of advanced safety features that are found in every model in its lineup.

Side Assist

Volkswagen vehicles are equipped with Side Assist, which is a system that monitors the blind spots in order to warn the driver when another car is driving in an area where the driver cannot see in their mirror. This is possible due to two sensors, one on each side, which look at the road behind and to the side. If they detect another vehicle, they trigger a warning lamp in each side mirror which lights up to let the driver know someone is hiding in their blind spot. If the turn signal is activated on the side where the obstacle is located, an audible signal will be heard, along with a flashing warning light.

Dynamic Road Sign Display

Many Volkswagen vehicles are available with Dynamic Road Sign Display, which is a system that monitors the road ahead, looking for speed limit signs. Once a speed limit has been recognized, it is displayed on the instrument panel, near the speedometer. This makes it easy for drivers to see if they are driving too fast or too slowly on any road, thus helping avoid speeding fines and making every other road user safer. This system is even capable of detecting school zones and other restrictions, such as roadworks, in order to warn the driver of a potentially dangerous area ahead.

Area View 360˚

This system, available on some new Volkswagen vehicles, combines four cameras placed all around the vehicle in order to offer a birds’ eye view of the perimeter when the vehicle is moving at parking lot speed. This makes it possible to park successfully even in tight parking lots and it is a great benefit to safety when maneuvering the vehicle in areas where small children are often present, such as around schools and child care centers.