Three ways to improve the fuel consumption of your Volkswagen vehicle

Volkswagen vehicle

We are pretty sure that you have noticed the increasing price of fuel and the impact it has on our wallets. We have gotten more and more requests in our new vehicle showroom for fuel-efficient vehicles. Everyone is looking to reduce the fuel consumption of the car or SUV they drive every day. If you are in that situation, but you aren't looking for a new vehicle necessarily, know that there are many ways that you can improve the fuel efficiency of your current vehicle and make significant improvements with minimal changes. Here are three ways that you can improve the fuel consumption of your Volkswagen vehicle.

Drive slower and smoother

It is the best tip we can give you, and the one that will have the most significant impact on your fuel consumption. Did you know that when you drive 100 km/h on the highway, you are saving roughly 20% fuel compared to when you are driving at 120 km/h? Did you also know that the actual impact on when you will arrive is roughly 10 minutes between both speeds on an average 100 km journey? Lowering your speed just a little bit will have a significant impact on the fuel consumption of your Volkswagen. You also want to avoid accelerating or braking harshly. Being smooth on the throttle and smooth on the brakes will improve the fuel consumption of your Volkswagen.

Use ECO mode

Your Volkswagen comes with different drive modes including ECO mode which essentially helps you drive in a more fuel-efficient manner. In other words, it will help you put the advice we mentioned above to execution without you having to really think about it. Putting your vehicle in the most efficient driving mode is the easiest way to save on fuel as it adjusts the parameters of your Volkswagen’s engine output, gearbox, and even climate controls to make your VW more efficient.

Keep an eye on your tires and take off those accessories

The last tip we can give you starts with your tires. Your tires play a direct role in the fuel consumption of your vehicle, and making sure that they are properly inflated and in good condition is very important. Moreover, if your tires are no longer a good condition, you might want to check out our inventory of new summer tires which includes many tires designed specifically to improve fuel consumption. Lastly, we suggest getting rid of those accessories that you are not using every day such as the roof box, the roof rack, or the trailer hitch. These increase drag and weight, which will have a negative impact on fuel economy. Give us a call today to learn more and check out our inventory of impressive 2022 Volkswagen vehicles.