Volkswagen wins Best Retained Value Award from Canadian Black Book for electric vehicles

Volkswagen was named the best brand overall for the retained value of its electric vehicles while the Volkswagen e-Golf was named the best electric car for overall retained value in Canada.


The latest Best Retained Value Award rankings were announced this week. This is the 15th time that the award has been handed out by Canadian Black Book, the benchmark when it comes to calculating resale value and depreciation.


The retained value metric measures how much of a vehicle’s original price is retained after four years. In other words, it measures a vehicle’s depreciation and how much an owner can expect to get back when the time comes to sell a vehicle.


Resale value is an important consideration for buyers and few things are as frustrating as a car that loses 50 or 60% of its value after four years.


The Volkswagen e-Golf was named the electric car with the Best Retained Value after four years, keeping 57% of its original value and outshining the Chevrolet Bolt and the Kia Soul.


“ZEVs are getting much more attention across the board as all OEMs launch new models and plan for the future. The retained value gap between ICEs and ZEVs is closing quickly.” says James Hancock, Director, OEM Strategy and Analytics.