What is the myVW App?

Today’s vehicles are more connected than ever before, offering you the convenience of being able to sync up your devices, and stay in touch with friends and family on the go. That can be a two-way street, though, with your vehicle also staying connected to you whenever you need it. That’s where the myVW app, and Volkswagen Car-Net, come in. Now, you can remain connected to your Volkswagen and its features everywhere you go, all from your smartphone. Read on with the team here at
Georgetown Volkswagen, as we look at just some of the many features this service has to offer.

Remote Control

myVW gives you unprecedented access to your vehicle’s remote features, allowing you to access them whenever you need. Using the app, your smartphone acts, in many ways, like your keyfob. You can lock and unlock doors, or even remote start the engine on compatible models. For your EV model, it even allows you to activate climate control remotely, so your vehicle can be toasty warm or nice and cool before you get behind the wheel.

Track Your VW

Never forget where you parked ever again. The myVW app lets you keep tabs on your Volkswagen, reminding you where it was last located, or even letting you monitor the driving of someone who’s borrowed the vehicle. If your teen driver is behind the wheel, you can set alerts to notify you if the vehicle is going too fast, or has gone outside a pre-set distance.

Health Updates

You have plenty of apps that monitor your health, and the myVW app does the same for your vehicle. You can access diagnostics whenever you need, keep notified of when you next require service, and get alerts whenever a critical issue crops up. You can even book service here at Georgetown Volkswagen through the app!

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Volkswagen is always working to integrate the latest technology, to improve connectivity, functionality, and safety across every model. Visit Georgetown Volkswagen today, and we’d be happy to walk you through the myVW app and all of its features. When the time comes to buy, make Georgetown Volkswagen your destination of choice.