Why buy a used Volkswagen?

Are you looking for a used vehicle, but not sure which brand to choose? That’s normal, because there are many interesting choices on the market. However, by opting for a used Volkswagen, you kill two birds with one stone. Here’s why it’s the best choice.

An inspected and certified vehicle

Every Volkswagen sold under the certified series has undergone a rigorous 112-point inspection. The inspection touched on six important aspects of the vehicle: the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, interior and exterior. Everything is thoroughly checked. If something is wrong, the defective parts are replaced. And to give you an idea of how thoroughly everything is analyzed, it includes an examination of the vehicle’s cooling system after a test drive.

Great rates

It is very rare to see someone paying cash for a vehicle these days. So, the acquisition of a model requires a loan and this implies interest rates. That’s where Volkswagen comes in, because depending on the model you choose, you can find rates as low as 0.9%.

Take the time to check our site to see what the situation is with the model you’re interested in, but we’re sure you’ll find the right term at the right rate.

The warranty

With a model that is certified, inspected and in excellent condition, you don’t have to worry about reliability. However, for complete peace of mind, in addition to the original warranty, an additional six months of roadside assistance is included with the purchase of a model.

What’s more, if your selection is less than 5 years old and has less than 120,000 km, then you can opt for the Premium Protection which adds two years and 40,000 km of coverage, with roadside assistance included.

Really, with arguments like that, it makes you wonder why people take the time to store around when the most advantageous solution is right in front of them, with a used Volkswagen. Take the time to come and see our models to make your choice.